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Solara Recording and Production is devoted to producing music that is designed for only one purpose; background music for Guided Imagery experiences, Relaxation, Meditation and Personal Empowerment. All the music is composed and performed by Mark Provost and produced and distributed by Solara.

Mark's experience includes over thirty years as a professional musician and more than twenty years as a sound engineer. Recently he has worked with Patti Leviton of Synergy Seminars to produce a series of CDs complementing the practice of Guided Imergary.

This web site is dedicated to the music created by Mark Provost and produced by Solara Recording and Production

After experiencing firsthand the power of music and Guided Imagery in his own recovery, he has decided to produce music for use in conjuction with the imagery process. Each song is approximately thirty minutes in length providing music and sound for the entire imagery. Each song is also designed to include distinct soundscapes and textures which offer a variety of imagery experiences.

This material is also benefical for unwinding from stressful days at work, to put your children a sleep or to accompany your daily yoga practice as well as for the purposes of relaxation, meditation or personal empowerment.




Music for guided imagery relaxation meditation and personal empowerment

Angelic Realm

The Story Behind The NEW CD

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There are currently 5 sets of 2-CDs available from Solara Recording and Production. Each set provides four musical tracks and more than two hours of music.

Please check back often for updates concerning new music or added features.




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